As a social impact company, SINGE is driven by a social purpose that is global to the company and shared across all products and services:

Our Impact

Unlocking human potential by providing foundational tools for physical safety and security in order to redirect valuable resources and free up a greater diversity of voices that can contribute towards long-term solutions for local, global and systemic challenges.

We measure our success by the qualitative impact our products have on individuals and communities, aiming for long-term sustainability as a result of systemic change.

Pretty Deadly Self Defense


  • 4500+ women are program graduates

  • 1 in 5 women change their hair

  • 34% join fitness or martial arts school

  • 15% women apply for a better position, start a new job or launch a new career

  • 11% certify to become trainers

  • 5+ new social impact initiatives launched, co-created by women who connect at Pretty Deadly



MVP market test & analysis via social media platforms

  • 95-90% user engagement

  • Reach x7-x10 times the expected/initial userbase

  • 1:3 share ratio

  • 45 days lifetime share

  • 76% user adoption (bookmarks / saves)


SINGE continued development on the data sharing platform they ideated for the MobiDataLab Hackathon, and first conceptulized based on their 1st place solution for MobiDataLab's Datathon to develop a comprehensive approach to evaluate the inclusivity and equity of MaaS for people with disabilities. The goal is to upcycle existing city data to maximize accessibility, walkability and sustainability for cities across the EU. The award ceremony took place in Leuven, Belgium, and was attended by Mr. Ruziboev and Ms. Kahlich, with Ms. Nasri attending online.

White paper authored by SINGE CEO Susie Kahlich titled Designing for Disaster: What does design for future cities really look like? was requested for use and implemented as a teaching tool by UX Collective as part of World-Class Designer School: a college-level, tuition-free design school focused on preparing young and talented African designers for the local and international digital product market.


SINGE prioritizes ESG compliance across every area of business:

  • Dispersed team and remote work, reducing commute and carbon footprint costs

  • Full paperless customer service

  • Accessibility and inclusivity areat the heart of all SINGE products

  • All products focus on eliminating gender-based violence as a foundational component to reach gender equality

  • Every product incorporates a model for economic empowerment in its design and/or roadmap

  • We vet our supply chain to complay with sustainability practices

  • Transparent business processes and shareholder structure

  • Headquartered in Berlin, Germany